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in Positive, Emotionally Intelligent Ways!

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We are here to help you deal with life’s negatives, in Positive, emotionally intelligent ways!

We can help you deal with life’s negatives,
in Positive, emotionally intelligent ways!

Life is getting harder.
Money is getting tighter.
People are getting grumpier (mostly due to fear!).

There are more and more reasons every day to get you down
You’re (probably):
– tense
– stressed
– anxious
– even depressed

You may be just hanging on, gritting your teeth,
doing the best you can, every day.

but wait!
There’s HELP!
There’s a better way.
There’s a happier way!

It’s called Emotional Intelligence (#EQ)
and it can lead to:
Positive Mental Health! (#PMH)

We can show you both how it works and how to work it!

We are 2 educational, mental health non-profits, joining together for You!

We want to sell you, on YOU!
We want YOU to be in charge of you!
We want YOU to be able to be Peaceful, and loving, and calm, and kind.
(not wimpy, a push-over, or co-dependent… far from it.)

Emotional intelligence is about using your PERSONAL POWER,
in positive, productive, passionate, pure, clean POWERFUL ways

If it sounds like it’s kinda magical, that’s ’cause it is!
This is the very BEST NEWS I can possibly give you.

You are in charge of you… for real.
You get to manage you… in every way, every single day.
You get to make your life experience whatever you choose to make it… always and forever.

What’s the catch, you say? Sounds too good to be true…
The catch is that it hurts.
Emotions hurt, sometimes.
Emotions are uncomfortable.
Emotions are weird.
Emotions anger.
Emotions sadden.
Emotions make you cry.

We’re sorry about that!

Remember, #EmotionalPainIsNotTerminal | #ItAintAlwaysFun_ButItsGottaGetDone!
#LetItFlow_thenLetItGo | #GetIn_GetItOut_GetOn

Positive Mental Health is about dealing DIRECTLY with our negative emotions, so we can experience deeper/more colorful/more often/more beautiful/more intimate/more peaceful Positives. Acknowledging them, facing them, Learning from them/(you).

Can you imagine getting to a point where you actually ENJOY your negative feelings, especially your sadness, fear, and anger?
(I can imagine it. I’m not always there yet, as I still have big judgments against my Fears… not really enjoying them, yet… but I’m working on it).
(some day!)

I do love my sadness, though…
My sadness tells me who I truly am, what I truly care about, and who I truly miss
(bad news, as you age, more and more people you know will get sick and die. Bye. gone. poof.)

For example, my dear, sweet mother passed away just last month. The last 4 years of her life were awful for her. She was for a wonderful, powerful, loving, giving, amazing, amazing woman. nurse, mother, search and rescue, volunteer, museum docent, ‘Military Wife of the Year’ (USAF Europe, 1970), a friend to my/our friends. She did NOT deserve her ending… I hate to say it, but karma did not work well for her, at all.

that’s sad to me… so sad. (tears)
I had a loving mother for the past 63 years. now I don’t.

I also (usually) love my anger, too.
the reason I am here… the reason I’m writing to you right now…
the reason I don’t sleep much… and I’m never done, and I never quit…
is because of my ANGER!

(HINT: Read “The Gift of Anger” by Arun Gandhi, about how his grandfather, Mahatma Gandhi, loved his anger, too!)
I am ANGRY about a lot of things.
I am especially ANGRY that I went all the way through college, and STILL had no idea who I was, and how to manage me, emotionally.
none, zero. never a mention of emotions or character or self-awareness. After 16 years of school… nothing.
no bueno. unacceptable, ineffective, incomprehensible, (actually) dangerous, and kinda mean.

Letting uneducated kids spend countless hours, over years and years, most of our young lives, in school, being taught… and yet have ZERO TRAINING on how to deal with our own inner worlds?!?

This is just wrong, Wrong, WRONG.
It’s unacceptable.
I’m angry about that.
So, I’m doing something about it.

Another thing I’m Angry about is all my Fears!
man, oh man, I have a lot of Fears.
I’ve been afraid all my life.
too many.
too deep.
too pervasive.
too wimpy.

yeah, I’m supposed to be understanding and learn from my fears..
and I do…
but by cracky, it’s enough, already.

I’ve been aware of, paid attention to, and watched myself be afraid, for a looong time, now.
I’m kinda sick of it.
In fact, I’m quite Sick of it (so I’m working on it. Are you working on you?)

For a one-time, lifetime, ridiculously low price ($10 USD), we will do our best to:
– Introduce you to EQ, and PMH.
– Teach you how emotions work in your body, mind, and spirit!
– Listen to you!
– Share with you!
– Care for, and about, you!

How would you like to Never feel alone, again?!

We promise to provide you with ANYthing and EVERYthing we have learned.
We will educate you,
We will take you by the hand (and heart) and guide you.

EQ gives us choices.
PMH helps us find the best choices to choose.
Peace is the goal.

We have many, many Resources for you so you will understand… trainings, resources, classes, memes & quotes, tips -n- tricks, best practices, videos, audios, meditations, webinars, workshops, online classes… all about thoughts, feelings, and emotions (and how to manage them so they work for you, not against you).

We have much Love, acceptance, understanding, compassion, and HOPE to share with you.

Put those 2 together — the understanding and the compassion, the IQ and the EQ, your thoughts and feelings, yin and yang, male and female, darkness, and light — and you can come to understand and have compassion for yourself, heal your pain, and become a clear, powerful, loving, fulfilled, successful person.

We’ll show you the science, the art, and the magic of EQ!
We’ll take you by the hand and lead you (gently, but powerfully) into YOU!
We’ll introduce you to the beauty of you — the inner you — your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values, motivations, attitudes, moods, and especially your (chosen) Actions (’cause that’s where you get the Results you want & need in life!).

Positive Mental Health is the study of you, and me, and we.
(but it all starts with you!)

You can manage you.
You can learn from you.
you can understand, appreciate, discipline, and empower you.
you can learn to like, and even love, you.

From this work, you’ll get:
– self-awareness
– self-education
– self-discovery
– self-trust
– self-esteem
– self-control
– self-discipline
– self-care
– self-empowerment
– self-love(!)

We are building a Safe Place, where you/I/we can be Real, with each other.
We are building a community of Allies.
Safe, vulnerable, real, POSITIVE, Up-Beat, hopeful, loving people…
who may be Angry, sad, passionate, fearful, anxious, tense, depressed, guilty, and shame based.
But who are responsible, (always) respectful, positive, loving, empathetic, and compassionate.
with strong, powerful, Boundaries and Values.

It’s 10 bucks to join. 1 time.
for good…

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